Details of one of Carole’s earlier Exhibitions:

Cork Arts Society Gallery – Lavitts Quay
Exhibition of paintings by
Carole Crowley
A Review

There was a time when the only Kinsale connection with Art and Artists were the occasional visitors who recorded local landscapes.

In recent years there has been a great expansion of interest in Art ,both by local people and new residents which has led to the very successful annual exhibition in the Courthouse.

Three years ago a few paintings by Carole Crowley were the ones to match everyone`s eye – beautiful miniatures ,painted exquisitely with great patience and skill. The experts said that she “ was the one watch” and this promise has been more than fulfilled by her work Since –and especially this week by her first one woman show at the Cork Arts Society Gallery in Lavitts Quay.

The fruit of four months work, there is a fascinating display on view – with thirty works divided between colour and the detail, so much admired three years ago is as true as ever , but the range of subject is greatly extended. Her earlier work in the theatre and interest in music is evident , in studies of musical instruments and faces. She believes that the essence of a Character can be relieved in the “focus”of the face –which shows in the characters she has chosen as her subjects.

But it is impossible to recapture the paintings in words – a visit to the Gallery just below the opera house is essential. The Exhibition is open Until February 26th each day except Sunday and Monday. At the official opening ( by Mr. M. Mulcahy ) there was a great Kinsale contingent present to wish Carole well. Mr Mulcahy spoke of the importance of the artist and their interpretation of the world.

Carole grew up in Kinsale ,an artists paradise where Paul Henry, P. F.Anson and Raymond Piper had worked ,and the influences of her native town, with her years at the Cork Little Theatre and travels abroad have all contributed to the growth of her ability, confidence and output, calling us to “come and see beauty in my special way”.

Details from Carole’s 2nd Exhibition:

Visually Speaking

Observance to detail seems to be the forte of Carole Crowley, whose realistic style and sensitivity towards her subject is now widely admired. Carole who studied at the Crawford School of Art, was recently the recipient of an Artist – in- Residence grant from the Arts Council of Ireland.
She begins her second one woman show at the Cork Arts Society next Tuesday. The work will be a collection of miniature and small scale watercolour studies and should prove interesting .

Two of Caroles dolls from her younger years.